On the tenth anniversary of Bankrobber, we created a photographic experiment for them. Losing Memory, was a series of photographs of the guests to the party they had organized. The series shows a before and after, a photo of each guest, when they came in and when they went out.

A year later, for the next party, we composed a digital Memory Game with those pictures. An interactive online experience which made the brand’s followers realize how difficult it is to forget the good moments they had with their favorite independent label of rock and roll.

Here is the narrative: There are moments in life where we just let go. Situations that make us lose ourselves, sensations that make us forget. A good book, a lovely phone call, a great concert or the first kiss. Amnesic moments in which we do not know who we are. The best part though, is that we don’t care. Because those are the precise moments that with time, we usually remember. Those are the moments that remain, in our memory.

And here is the contradiction: We forget to remember. Like the 102 people who participated in this experiment. One night with Bankrobber and 2 photos. One when entering, another one when leaving. Between concerts, laughs, desires, glasses, kisses… amnesic moments, future memories.