Tessellate Studios asked us to create a product promo for Welspun Group. Welspun wanted to promote their fast drying towel for the US market. An innovative product which helps you to spend 25% less time drying thanks to it’s Nanospun cotton technology. The product is targeted at modern women who manage a thousand things at a time and are always looking for innovative solutions which help their daily life. People in search of better tools to be able to invest their time in what they really care for: their family.

That’s why we put the focus of this 1 minute promo on the main benefit of the product: enjoy your day by day, the towel will do the rest by itself: it will save time, money, and energy. We developed the piece by mixing different techniques: 3D animation, hand drawing illustration and kinetic type. Keeping in mind the client’s requirements, and the target, we follow a family through a regular day, showing the benefits of the towel, keeping the look and feel friendly, cosy and colorful.